across the bay – St Margaret’s Hope with the hch site marked

If you are interested in cohousing, why not become a Friend of HCH? Based in St Margaret’s Hope in Orkney, we are working to create affordable rented homes for older people who want to live independently and build a supportive community.

We want to share news about our progress and the benefits of cohousing – and to get feedback on what we are doing. You can find out more about us and our regular meet-ups on these pages, but if you become a Friend, we’ll email you our Newsletters and details of developments. It is open to all. 

Friends also become members of Hope Cohousing. This means that they have the right to attend the annual general meeting (and any extraordinary general meeting) and have important powers under the articles of association and the Act; in particular, electing people to serve as Directors and take decisions in relation to changes to the articles themselves.

One further thing to bear in mind is that members undertake that if the Company is wound up while they are members (or within one year after they cease to be members), each individual will contribute – up to a maximum of £1 – to the assets of the Company, to be applied towards any debts and liabilities; payment of the cost of winding up; and adjustment of the rights of the contributories among themselves. 

Click to fill in the HCH Friend’s form.

updated: November 27, 2022