About us

We are a group of five women, aged over 60, who live in Orkney. Some of us live alone, some of us are in partnerships. In 2018, talking together about our future housing needs, several faced changed circumstances. We began to consider the idea of somehow living co-operatively in our old age. Cohousing, with its ethos of living independently in a sharing community, offered a way forward that appealed to us all. We value our privacy and having our own space but recognise that friendship and support from neighbours and friends are crucial for our wellbeing as we age.

We bring a variety of skills and knowledge to the project, from artists/craftspeople to teaching and social care, to experience in business, to years of working in community groups. Some members of our group have been involved in running a craft co-operative for over 40 years. Others established and tend a community garden in St Margaret’s Hope. We are also involved in helping to organise events in our local community hall.

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