Hope Cohousing

Hope Cohousing – a community interest company – is working to establish a small cohousing project for older people in St Margaret’s Hope, Orkney as a lasting community benefit. There will be six new, eco-aware, affordable rental homes for people wanting to live independently and build a supportive community. It will have shared amenities, a garden….and hens.

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In the news

Housing to become a standalone national outcome?

Proposals to amend the National Performance Framework (NPF) have been laid in the Scottish Parliament. A new National Outcome that aims to ensure people “live in safe, high-quality and affordable homes that meet their needs” is included. What this does is highlight the importance of good housing for wellbeing. However, recent housing statistics show a significant decrease in homes completed (down 11% on the previous year) and started (down 24%). There has been a significant drop in social and affordable housing. For example, housing association new build starts (2,073 homes) in 2023 were at the lowest number since 1988. Local authority starts (1,192 homes) in 2023 were at the lowest number since 2013. [See Scottish Housing News].

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Featured article: Why cohousing is good for people and communities the evidence. [Updated January 2024]

Creating a cohousing project: Materials and videos exploring different aspects of putting together a cohousing project.

St Margaret’s Hope: Find out more about the village, local services and attractions.


Want to talk about the project? Our next monthly get-together will take place early in August. Email us if you are thinking of coming along or have questions about HCH.


Our 2024 AGM takes place on July 24: 11.30-12.30 in the Marengo Centre, St Margaret’s Hope.

For more about other cohousing groups in Scotland click on the link below.

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updated: July 10, 2024